Help with asp/MySql connection Mac workstation with Windows Server

I have a unique setup (or what seems to be). I have a mac laptop running 10.3.9. I am using Dreamweaver 8 and MAMP and our server is running Windows NT4. The webmaster before me (who was using a windows machine) had asp pages on the website before, which have since been deleted, and now I am trying to learn how do some dynamic pages but I keep running into road blocks. From what I’ve found it’s recommended to use MS Access with ASP pages but Office X does not have a database program so I am guessing that I have to use MySql.

I am trying to make an Upcoming Events list. How do I connect the database to the webpage? Any other advice is also welcomed :smiley:

Thanks for the clarification. So what should I use to create my database? I also need to add that I cannot use php so I must use asp.

i cannot help you with your current connectivity issue, but this statement is wrong – ms access is a desktop database, and it is ~not~ suitable for a web site with any hope for meaningful volumes