Help with a table filter

I found a free table filter script and a website showing how to install/configure it. I cannot figure it out though. I almost have it I think because it works. But some of the configurations I need do not work.

The above link is where I have my table. I want the drop down filter above each column like it is on this page. - - If you scroll almost to the bottom you will see one of their example tables and a drop down selection above the top column which pulls the data and you can filter using the drop down. I would like that drop down above each of my columns. Can anyone help me out with the coding? I know I am missing something and have gone over it many times. Just need an extra set of eyes.

Anyone have any advice or help to offer? Really need to figure this one out as soon as I can thanks.

There’s nothing wrong with what you have in the HTML or the JS code of your page.

The problem seem to be that while you have the tablefilter.js script, you do not have anything else that came with the download package.

Also, if you’re going to store the table filter scripts in a location other than /TableFilter/ folder, you will need to specify the base path as is shown in the configuration documentation section of their site.

I did change the path location. Also only thing it says I need for install is the code on the actual page and then the .js file which I have.

So, does it work when you have the other content from their downloaded zip file in place as well?

ah. ok I got it. I did need a couple of those files it seems. Thanks!