Help with a search script!

I’m trying to make a script to go with this and see if it will work with our site on to work with Wix.
I want to be able to have a few drop down menus and you’ll be able to select from the drop down and it search the site and find those parts, dynamically or after pressing submit/search, I’m willing to try anything. I’ve found out that one of the Wix pages show that it has re-enabled “allow-scripts Re-enables custom Javascript code” Along with a few other things(,
The script is just skipping my mind at the moment and I can’t figure out how to build it to see if I can get it to work.

Below is just one of the drop down menus that I have.

<select name="Makes">
	<option selected disabled>Choose here</option>
	<option value="Acura">Acura</option>
	<option value="Audi">Audi</option>
	<option value="Chevrolet">Chevrolet</option>
	<option value="Chrysler">Chrysler</option>
	<option value="Dodge">Dodge</option>
	<option value="Ford">Ford</option>
	<option value="Honda">Honda</option>
	<option value="Infiniti">Inifiniti</option>
	<option value="Jaguar">Jaguar</option>
	<option value="Land Rover">Land Rover</option>
	<option value="Lincoln">Lincoln</option>
	<option value="Lexus">Lexus</option>
	<option value="Mazda">Mazda</option>
	<option value="Mercedes">Mercedes</option>
	<option value="Mercury">Mercury</option>
	<option value="Mitsubishi">Mitsubishi</option>
	<option value="Nissan">Nissan</option>
	<option value="Pontiac">Pontiac</option>
	<option value="Scion">Scion</option>
	<option value="Subaru">Subaru</option>
	<option value="Suzuki">Suzkui</option>
	<option value="Toyota">Toyota</option>
	<option value="Volvo">Volvo</option>
	<option value="Volkswagen">Volkswagen</option>
</select> like this. thank you so much for looking at this

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