[HELP] Web-service PHP -> C# -> MSSQL

Hello all,

It has been alot of tries so far to connect PHP -> MSSQL with unicode support.

I have website working on LAMP, and needed to fetch data from SQL server 2005. First I was trying to get a direct way to connect to MSSQL database from PHP easily to get my data. However I kept getting Question Marks because the stored data is Arabic data stored in Chinese charset. I could have went far more with encoding / conversion but It needs drivers to be installed on server and re-config some issues, which is not available now.

I decided i should go creating C# file to fetch data from Database, and connect to a web-service, that’s it. and i got few questions :

I’m not familiar with C# so :
1- Does .CS file needs to be compiled somehow ? or I just can edit by Notepad++ and it’s ready ?

2- i got 3 main problems, 1- I will still have to dig into how to connect a db, 2- and dig into how to get correct data returned, 3- how to do that using webservice in C# and return set of data using xml.

well seems complicated for me, already feeling disappointed :sick:

anyone would like to help please advise,

[B]- C# file reading correct data from " Chinese_Taiwan_Stroke_CI_AS " charset database, and put into web-service response ( i already have the WSDL file )

and how to run it. ( I already have other web-services working on IIS in dbserver )

please advise and hints


not so many C# fans :shifty:

The sad part is you didn’t spend one moment to search about asp.net or c#. Almost all of your questions will find the answers with google (or whatever search engine you like).

What are you trying to do is complicated for someone who doesn’t know asp.net at all, there isn’t a quick script to do what you need.

What .net version are you targeting? You can implement a web service via different methods but nowadays the ‘standard’ is WCF

Furthermore, I’m not sure if adding another layer will solve your additional problem, which is making PHP get character sets it don’t understand.