Help understanding this site

So I was looking at competitors websites in the health and life insurance fields and I came across this website:

Pretty nice site imo, layout is nice, image placement is good, just overall a super solid site. Looked at their code, seemed neat and tidy but I noticed they <link> to wordpress in the header. I dont see any wordpress on the site, I would never have thought a company like this would ever need wordpress. The site is pretty straight forward and at first seemed like a site I could build with just HTML and CSS.

Another thing I noticed, on this page:

They have so much **** going on in the header I just dont even know… The whole page is the same nav bar, A few bulleted lists with images floated right, yet theres links to xml and java scripts all over the place

Im really trying to beef up my knowledge so I can crush this site for my brothers company so I can get a job as a front end designer/dev.

And on that note, any advice for that career path? How much do you learn on the job, how much would they expect you to know about wordpress, ping backs, omg theres so much **** to learn. Right now I know HTML and CSS, I still have to look up some stuff for reference with CSS but Im sure people do that all the time. Im moving on to learn jquery and javascript since all the cool sites with animated drop down menus and such use it.


Hehe, what does “seeing any WordPress” mean? WP is a content management system, and most clients will want to be able to edit the content on their own site. Hence, a CMS is used for that—in this case WP.

Other than that, it’s not really clear what you are asking. Certainly, they have links to various scripts (such as for a drop down, a form etc.). That’s all pretty common. :slight_smile:

Ralph, you are all over my s***! Youre gonna see me become something in this industry just by watching me post all these questions on SitePoint ha. “I remember when this kid used PS slices ppppfffffffttt”. So clutch with the answers, thank you!

What I meant about WP was, I didnt see any blog stuff, comments reposts or ability to do anything like that. I forget that you can use WP just for the UI of the site owner. I guess thats another thing to add to the list of stuff I need to learn.

Yes, WP has grown beyond blogging now and is used for all kinds of websites. I still don’t think it’s the best tool for a general website, but the squirming mass of humanity that favors it can’t be wrong … right?

Unless, of course, you have JavaScript disabled for some reason, and then it’s a whole different experience. :slight_smile:

(And the fact that some links open in new tabs while others don’t is both confusing and bad practice, IMHO.)

See this link in the bottom page <script type=“text/javascript” src=“”></script>, I can guess this page is wordpress :slight_smile: