Help to hide code for email

hi !

i am a beginner of jquery and i need your help.

on my website ( street lamps will be show. if you click on a yellow circel you will details of the lamp and you could send a feedback (please do not!)

there is a checkbox - if it is active there should be a secould link will be show to send another email. i have include a div-container with the id=send_light_message.

in the file popupmarker_jqm.js the code will be generate to include. mobile-jq.js include the code for show and hide the secound email. a alert-box shows a message for the checkbox-event.

now the problem: the secound email will not show !!!

could someone help me and i hope you understand my problem.

regards Jan :slight_smile:

Hi Jan,

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

This seems to be a large and sprawling project with a lot of JS includes (several of which have been commented out), as well as a large chunk of inline JS.
This in turn makes it quite hard to debug, when a problem like this arises.

My advice would be to try and isolate the problem, by cutting out parts which are not relevant.
For example, your problem is on the “Strassenlampe” page and has nothing to do with the map before it, so try and remove anything which is to do with the map (obviously just for trouble shooting purposes).

My initial suspicion would be that the JS file you think is responsible for this, is not actually being included.

For example, this seems to work:

htmlcode+= '<br><a href="'+encodeURI(bodytxt)+'">POI-Feedback</a>';

But this doesn’t:

htmlcode+= '<div id="send_light_message"><a href=" !\
ich möchte Ihnen mitteilen, dass folgende Beleuchtung ausgefallen ist:\
Mit dem Ã&#8211;ffnen es Links wird eine Datenseite aus dem OpenStreetMap-Projekt geöffnet. Auf der Linken Seite sind die erfassten Daten zu sehen und auf der rechten Seite eine Karte mit der Lage. Das eventuell vorhandene Attribut REF beinhaltet die Nummer der Beleuchtungseinheit.\
Für eventuelle Rückfragen stehe ich Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.\
Freundliche GrüÃ&#376;e\
'+signatur+'>Ausfall-eMail erstellen</a></div>';

That makes no sense.

Could the POI feedback link be being created elsewhere?

Other than that, check the encoding. In my browser (which is German), it was totally broken (as you can see).

As I said, there are a lot of factors in play here, so try and narrow things down.

Let us know how you get on.

Viel Glück :slight_smile: