(help) TDD. Phpunit + DI

Assuming I had something like:

class TestedClass{
public function foo( $value ){
return 'Tested ’ . $value;

class ToTest{
public function __construct(TestedClass $class)
$this->class = $class;

public function Baz($value){
    return $this->class->foo($value);


TestedClass has already been tested. I know that ‘Tested’ is correctly been assigned and returning fine.

Would/Should I be writting unit tests for ToTest() to check that TestedClass::foo() is being called correctly as well?

If so how would you mock up the depancy so you can check that the value is correct I tried:

$TestedClass = $this->getMockBuilder('\TestedClass')


// pass the mock into tested object
$Test = new \ToTest($TestedClass);

// run test
$this->assertEquals($Test->debug('rnd'), 'Testedrnd');

What I want to be able to test is

a) The TestClass::Foo is called when calling ToTest::Baz
b) The value of that based on the parameter set in ToTest::Baz

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Add your test to the mocked method. Something like:


The with clause will have the value being passed to foo. And of course you set $expected to whatever you expect the value to be.

Been awhile since I used mockBuilder so I hope I got the syntax right. phpunit has support for a different mock framework call Prophecy which I find to be a bit clearer.

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being the key part, little more reading into the docs and it becomes apparent how to use it. Thank you.

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