Help! Slow to no load and Error 500

Hello. Am nearing my wits end. I am an individual attempting to build a website with multiple subdomains and eventually have an ecommerce store. I am on shared hosting. Constructed the main website and building subdomains, one for each state (located in U.S.) so 50 single page subdomains. Each domain aggregates certain articles from local publications. A couple of weeks ago began getting “Internal Server Error 500”. When I went into the cpanel it said I had reached 1 million files. Support said delete as much as possible. I deleted 15 subdomains with only wordpress (not yet built-out), optimized the main site’s data base and deleted as many files as possible. I am now down to 750k files and it takes over a minute for my main site or any subdomain to load and I occassionally still get the “500” error when I try to work on a site. It actually performed better just under 1 million files. Have been on the phone with support for hours, they tell me to delete and upgrade my account. I understand I may need to upgrade my account, but currently the site and subdomains take longer to load and have more problems with 750k files than they did with 999k files. Can anyone please help me. I am new to this and don’t know what to do. Sorry for the length. Elliot

You can try clearing your cache, but having WordPress on many subdomains, or a shared server is not a good thing. You will have lots of slowness. HTTP 500 generally means some code is not working. In your case, this may mean something happened to WP. Can you provide a URL?

I am not able to afford a dedicated server. Any thoughts on hosting plans?



P.S. Still a work in progress.

Looks pretty good! I don’t know exactly what to recommend since a caching program (Like Cloudflare) would not work since you require live updates. Even a personal server might not solve this unless it is super high-end. The best thing to do is to optimize your website as much as possible, or ask on StackOverflow what their thoughts are.

Thanks. Will try on stackflow, but they are usually wayover my head.

A different idea is to use sub-directories instead of sub-domains. It would save you space, and if you use a cron job, time.

Instead of tx.domain.tld you can to domain.tld/tx. It would allow you to only have one installation. If you set up a cron job at your host to run every hour and load your homepage, you can speed up your site as well.

Additionally, it does look like your site is having issues right now too.