Help see if my page has errors?

I’ve no idea why when using FF to view my page, it keeps generating this error repeatedly.

Warning: reference to undefined property window.jQuery
Source File:
Line: 0

It might be some plugins that I’d installed. Or worse some virus??

Basically, its just a normal HTML page with no javascript at all. Wonder if its the same for you guys out there.

And while you’re at it, pls help to see if I’d implemented this technique (sliding door i think) correctly.

Hello, I don’t see it giving that error.

It’s probably just your machine :). Some plugin clash or … perhaps a virus (though I highly doubt it)
PS-You have implimented it correctly :slight_smile:

Hi thanks. Thats fast…

I noticed I have to give ul#nav li a display:inline property.

I don’t see why its needed, but the blocks becomes staggered when viewed in IE6 without it. Any clues why that is so?

Ya I guess its some plugin causing it. No such errors seen in Chrome n IE…

Ok I’m kinda confused with making which elements block, which to float.

I played around with the settings and found this to be the least minimal setup?

ul#nav li {text-indent:-9999px;float:left;}
ul#nav a {display:block;height:61px;}

I do see some defining li as display:inline, some floating it as a block etc etc.
Some floating the a element?
Is there any right way? Or its just whatever works?

I’d agree it’s probably a misbehaving plugin or something still in memory-cache as I don’t get that error. With regards to the Navigation List it all depends upon what type of positioning method you use with the rest of the page.

I usually float the list element and then float the anchor as well for best results and to kill all whitespace bugs in IE.

If you float the list element and then set the anchor to display:block then in IE6 when the anchor gains haslayout it will stretch to 100% width (unless you have defined width) and you get each link on a new line. Which is another reason for floating both also.