Help required installing a basic gallery

Hi all

After building my simple website I found this gallery I plan to use:

As a newbie I’m struggling. I assume I need to download the jQuery file and place it in my website folder? But I’m unsure as to where all that html goes - does the java script files, html and java code all go on the same page? At the moment my website consists of 4 pages (front page, about page, portfolio page, contact page) and a central style sheet to control the look of the website. Obviously I want the gallery to appear on the portfolio page and I assume that’s where the bulk of the html goes.



Hi Paul. Yes, basically everything goes on the portfolio page. All the HTML goes in there, and also some links to some JavaScript files. If you look at the source code of the examples on that site (View > Source / View > Developer > Source etc…), you will see what the page code looks like:

  • a link to a CSS file that includes the styles for the gallery;
  • a link to the jQuery library (a single file with all the jQuery code in it, such as jquery.js—call it what you like. You can also link to Google’s online version of the library, too.)
  • a link to another JavaScript fie called PictureSlides-jquery-2.0.js, which you can also put in a folder somewhere on you site, such as /scripts/
  • a link to another JS file with the jQuery.PictureSlides.set code in it. (In the demo’s case, they actually have that JS code on the page itself, so it’s up to you whether you just place it in <script> tags and place it on the page itself like they do or put it in another js file on your site and link to it like the other JS files.)

These days, rather than put the <script> links in the <head> of the document, it’s recommended that you place them just before the closing </body> tag on the page itself.

Does any of that help?

Yes, thanks Ralph.

Sorry, I just got back to this thread. I made a start this morning by downloading the demo version and studying that and then copying the files over to my website. I’ve been messing about with it all day trying to tweak it in my CSS style sheet. I’m afraid I might have some more silly questions later :slight_smile:


No problem! That’s what the forums are for. These slideshows can be tricky devils to set up—especially adapting the CSS to suit your design.