Help pls! ASP .net scrolling list is drawing ugly lines across the list box!

Hi there,

I hope this the correct place to post… I have a website that was developed and deployed live already and I have now discovered that the vertical scrolling draws ugly lines across the list box contents when you use the scroll bar. It looks terrible.

Have you seen this before? Any pointers on where I can look or fix this?

I think I have found where the code is implemented that generates the list box and have put some extracts of this code below.

private void LoadData() {
var searchDescription = Session[“searchDescription”].ToString();
var searchAvailability = Session[“searchAvailability”].ToString();
this.Pag.Order = Request.QueryString.Get(“order”) ?? string.Empty;

        var html = new StringBuilder();

        var newList = new List<ReportRow>();

        foreach (var abstractSupplierInfo in lst) {

        switch (Pag.Order) {
            case "0":
            case "":


        if (newList.Count == 0) {
            this.ltResult.Text = "<div  class=\\"results_list\\"><div class=\\"result_item\\"><table width=\\"100%\\" border=\\"0\\" class=\\"table_results{0}\\"><tr><td class=\\"supplier_name_results\\"><div class=\\"ResultEmpty\\">Your search has returned no results</div></td></tr></table></div></div>";
        } else {
            foreach (var reportRow in newList) {
            this.ltResult.Text = "<div  class=\\"results_list\\">" + html.ToString() + "</div>";

Then in the actual .aspx file generates the page with some code like:
<table width=“100%” border=“0” class=“titles_table”>
<td id=“checkbox_title”>
<div id=“checkbox_icon”>
<td id=“supplier_title”>
<asp:hyperlink id=“HyperLink12” runat=“server” cssclass=“filter_selected” navigateurl=“results.html?order=1”>Supplier</asp:hyperlink></h5>

<asp:literal id=“ltResult” runat=“server”></asp:literal>

Ideas? :confused:

Live site is here: Scrolling issue is on the Results page (after you submit a search).

Thank you for reading and considering this. Any insights are greatly appreciated.

Really sounds like a browser bug – I definitely don’t see it in chrome. Can you post a screenshot of the behavior?


Thanks for checking. Yeh, it’s not very consistent. I had to try a few times to replicate it just then - but I am using IE9 & IE8.

Your thought about it being browser related sounds possible. I couldn’t replicate in firefox just now. But most people use IE so I still need to resolve…

Cheers :slight_smile:

Yeah, that definitely looks like a browser rendering issue. Might want to get the mods to move this to the design forum – someone there might have some expertise on why it is happening.

Personally, I hate your style of search results, I’d much rather have them in a real page rather than stuck in a scrolling div. If I had to fix it, I would start by removing that construct to see if the problem continued at least.