Help - Photos are not uploading


I am hoping you can help me with this,

Photos are not uploading in the Sell section on my site,

Is it a Host problem or a website problem?

Is there some way to finding out?

your help appreciated



Insufficient information.

Since you’re in this board, it could be a problem with the mod_rewrite being used which is changing the directory level of the request. Since you’re likely using relative links for your images, use (internal) absolute links or the <base> tag.



atleast post the link to have a look what can be the problem.

Hello dklynn & emoviefreak, thank you for your replies,

Yes you are correct, “Insufficient information”

OK my site can be found here:

yet to get to the Sell Page (were photos are uploaded) you will need to Register,

then you will be able to see what happens when you try to upload a photo,

your help appreciated,