Help on Online Databases


I have a website on quotations. Currently I am storing these in array and publishing array on pages. However this is not how it should be. Can you please tell me what are free online databases available which can help me to storequotations and tag them or fetch them based on topics.

Please inform if there are any other ways to store data basically what i want to avoid is display of data in view source when somebody tries to dig into code.

Since I am new to webdesign and this is personal site i would like to try free online databases:)

If you use PHP to pull data, then view source will show the underlying code as HTML - just what is seen to display it on the screen and no more. (It won’t show the underlying database setup.)

If you already have a web site ISP for your personal site, chances are, you may already have PHP + MySQL as part of your package. Many ISPs provide these by default as part of your package.

Agreed. +1

IMHO what you need to do is figure out what criteria would be used for search queries and design your database accordingly.
Hoping to get an existing database that meets your needs is relatively hopeless while being able to put together your own database will be relatively simple.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately my webdevelopment platform doesnot support PHP, or even storing the quotes in any file which I can call everytime I need to fetch quotes. I am using weebly platform, Is there any way I can hide these quotes from getting populated in view source.