Help needed with regular expressions

Hi Guys,
I aint much use at the regular expressions, can somebody help me with this one?

Here is the string

<p class="the-price"><div id="result13">[B]€2333.10[/B]</div><div id="showMessage13" class="mqstyle">Searching</div></p>
												<p class="gbox"><!--<a href="#"><span>Arrange<br>

I want to extract the piece in bold. The number of the div id’s will change, so need it to work in all situations.

When I use this

s = s.replace(/[^\\d\\.]/g,'');

It gives me all the numbers.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

[edit]: whoops, just noticed this was in the javascript forum, not PHP forum. Sorry. the only thing that might be relevant between the languages is this regular expression for selecting the price as a group:


Excellent Flow Force, thanks for your help.