Help needed for Triple Drop Down Menu

Dear all,

I need help with the below script which I have found online. I need to duplicate a few more sets of the List1,2,3

Material1 Size Colour
Material2 Size Colour

(I am using this drop down template for online tshirt) Hoping anyone here can teach me on that please.

var categories = ;
categories[“startList”] = [“Wearing Apparel”,“Books”]
categories[“Wearing Apparel”] = [“Men”,“Women”,“Children”];
categories[“Books”] = [“Biography”,“Fiction”,“Nonfiction”];
categories[“Men”] = [“Shirts”,“Ties”,“Belts”,“Hats”];
categories[“Women”] = [“Blouses”,“Skirts”,“Scarves”, “Hats”];
categories[“Children”] = [“Shorts”, “Socks”, “Coats”, “Nightwear”];
categories[“Biography”] = [“Contemporay”,“Historical”,“Other”];
categories[“Fiction”] = [“Science Fiction”,“Romance”, “Thrillers”, “Crime”];
categories[“Nonfiction”] = [“How-To”,“Travel”,“Cookbooks”, “Old Churches”];

var nLists = 3; // number of select lists in the set

function fillSelect(currCat,currList){
var step = Number(\D/g,“”));
for (i=step; i<nLists+1; i++) {
document.forms[‘tripleplay’][‘List’+i].length = 1;
document.forms[‘tripleplay’][‘List’+i].selectedIndex = 0;
var nCat = categories[currCat];
for (each in nCat) {
var nOption = document.createElement(‘option’);
var nData = document.createTextNode(nCat[each]);

function getValue(L3, L2, L1) {
alert("Your selection was:-
" + L1 + "
" + L2 + "
" + L3);

function init() {

navigator.appName == “Microsoft Internet Explorer” ? attachEvent(‘onload’, init, false) : addEventListener(‘load’, init, false);

<meta http-equiv=“Content-Type” content=“text/html; charset=UTF-8” />
<title>Untitled Document</title>

<form name=“tripleplay” action=“”>
<select name=‘List1’ onchange=“fillSelect(this.value,this.form[‘List2’])”>
<option selected>Make a selection</option>
<select name=‘List2’ onchange=“fillSelect(this.value,this.form[‘List3’])”>
<option selected>Make a selection</option>
<select name=‘List3’ onchange=“getValue(this.value, this.form[‘List2’].value,
<option selected >Make a selection</option>