Help needed creating a responsive vBulletin

Hi there guys, I have my vBulletin forum at It is based on tables, and I’d like to transform it in order to make it responsive, and I need some help or some advices on where to start and how. As said, for the most of it there are a lot of tables, so basically I would need to make them all responsive. I have a lot of elements that I can hide with display:none - media queries for smallers screens (eg. the last post table, etc)… but I’d need to have some initial advices on where to start and if, for example, I should take advantage of one of those jQuery plugins for responsive tables or not, in this case. Thank you a lot in advance for any help.


I think that’s probably a step too far with a site like that as there are just too many things going on in that page. You would be better off looking for a responsive theme (if one exists for that version).

Otherwise you would have to modify all the templates to build responsiveness in from the start.

I have a simple demo here that shows how to create a mobile version of a table but is only really suitable for straight forward data tables. Yuou need to add data attributes to identify headings when linearised so needs quite a bit of html structure to start with.

BTW please don’t bump posts as that is against the guidelines. If a post is unanswered then you can post with more information or details of what you have tried since last posting.

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Have you checked with vbulletin? Maybe the support there has a solution for you…

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I’m sorry, I didn’t know this! Excuse me please.
And thank you so much for your detailed reply! I really appreciated it.

Yup, but unfortunately my version (3.x) is an old one, so it is currently unsupported.

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