Help! my image rotated for no reason

So I completed the entire sitepoint “Build your Website the Right Way” book and created the exact web page based on the book instructions. Then I changed one of the images and, to my surprise, my new image appeared rotated 90 degrees (I swear, I did nothing more than simply replace one file name with another) . I checked the original file from the folder on my desktop and confirmed that the image is an upright rectangle, but it displays on the page as a horizontal rectangle. Any ideas why? Thank you.

Hmm it seems that you have read “build your website the wrong way” hahaha lol anyway please paste in the code so we can have a look at it

Hehe, thanks. Actually it was a problem with the image itself. As soon as I opened the image in GIMP a message popped up notifying me that the image was rotated and asking me if I wanted to restore it to the correct orientation.No clue how this happened. OK, onward I go!!

It had to be the image ;). If you actually found a way to get an image rotated X degrees without CSS3 then you would have your name in the books.

Glad you got it sorted lol.