Help me?

Hi I’m a new member I am learning coding and you encode site I would like to know your opinion on this coding, but I do not know how to lift design please help???


You will need to re-phrase the question as it seems to have lost its meaning in translation.

What coding? What design? Lift design?

In order to help you you must state your question clearly and ambiguously with as much detail as possible.

Thanks for your reply,
I have a design that i coded in css and xhtml and i want to submit it in here to have people opinions and see if im doing things wrong or not and also to share the work, cuz if its good then people may use it in something.

My question is what category should i post at?

Thanks in advance


The best place is probably the review section where you can post your design and other will review it for you. Some comments may be harsh but you’d rather the truth than someone beating around the bush.

Please note that before you can post in the review section you have to review three other sites first or the system won’t allow you to post yours.