Help me understand how to use "doneFn" in angular 1.4+


I’m trying to create enter and leave animations with TweenMax and angular 1.4+.

I have this code:

.animation(‘.page’, [function(){

return {
  enter: function(element, doneFn){
    TweenMax.from(element, 1, { css: { transform: "scale(0.8)", opacity: 0 }, force3D: "auto" });
  leave: function(element, doneFn){, 1, { css: { transform: "scale(1.1)", opacity: 0 }, force3D: "auto" });


The animations is working but the thing is the pages get stacked, since I don’t tell angular when the animation is done. You are supposed to use “doneFn” for this but I don’t know how to implement that in the code.

I suspect doneFn represents a callback function that you must write.
It will be called when the animation is complete (if you reference it as the onComplete parameter).

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Yes correct, worked with onComplete: doneFn =)

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