Help me test this button on android and iOS?

Hi guys,

can you help me test this paypal button on android and iOS?
You can find the button here,

Because My last test with it on android tablet it doesn’t redirect to paypal website when
the paypal “buy button” was clicked.
No problem on desktop it works.
The reason I ask for assistance is because it is in the middle ot the night here in the Philippines.
and my internet is only accessible in my desktop and not in my android tablet.

Did you saw the paypal website after clicking the paypal buy button?
Under android and iOS mobile devices?

Thanks in advance.


Button works fine in Chrome/Android 5.1.1, Sony Xperia Z2.

Hi megazoid thanks for help dude.
Very helpful
Thanks again.

Anyone would like to volunteer to test the paypal button under iOS?
Thanks in advance.

Works fine on iPad Mini 2

thanks dude.

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