Help me point a Google Domain to my Google Sites Website, please?

Dear Everyone.

First ever website, didn’t know squat when I started, learned tons - except for this last bit (and another oddball prob!) I’m using Google Sites, the new(ish) one, by the way.

The other oddball prob. is when I test the website out with the PREVIEW button, the links all work BUT they take me to the DEVELOPER versions of my pages, the actual editable versions of the pages, not the published-website versions. I’ve zero idea if it’s doing that cos I’ve messed up somewhere or if it’s because I’m the developer so it assumes I want to go to the editable versions, got nobody else to test the website, just me. Feedback on that - keep it very simple, this is my first ever try - would be hugely appreciated!

Where I’m having the 'mare is pointing the domain to the website (I THINK I’ve got that right, be gentle if I haven’t, first try remember!) I’ve got an absolutely massive link full of zeroes and alphabets that works, it takes you to the site BUT I want to just use the site name,, to take you there. I’ve got a Google Domain, bought and paid for. I’ve gone to the Google Domains page. Tried using CNAME and MX and everything else I can think of (or see there, got desperate towards the end and was trying everything!) but whenever I type, prefixed by HTTP or HTTPS or WWW I get 404-Page Not Found.

I am now officially totally out of ideas on that one, having tried every combination I can think of! HELP!!!

Am I right in thinking the home computer analogy is ‘shortcut to a file’? Like - you could have a file with a stupid name like ‘Life and Times of the Idiot Beginner Web Designer’ (long name) and have a desktop link to it LD1 (short name) which would take you there? Is that analogous? Trying to understand it all in as short a period of time as poss!

All help will be tried - I can’t make the thing go live!

Yours respectfully (and hopefully)


Hi @ulrichburke and welcome to SP Forums.

Pasting your URL into the following “global propagation” application shows that the DNS has not been set correctly or the propagation has not started… a task which can take up to about 48 hours.

Your Domain Registrar should have a form which expects usually three URLs from your website hosting provider. For example DigitalOcean supplies the following three URLs that accept traffic and routes your URL to an allocated directory on their servers:




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