Help me! Help me ... about Rewrite use .htaccess?

I Writed 2 files like :
1> try.htm
<form name=“linhpr” action=“a.php”>
<input name=“try” type = “text” value=“” />
<input type = “submit” value=“send” />
<a href=“javascript:document.linhpr.submit()”>Try</a>
2> a.php
echo"Receive is : $t";

NOW, I want to :
When you click “Submit , Or link “Try” then the link will direct to a.html , use file .htaccess

I dont understand what you want it to do, or what it’s not doing that you want it to do.

I want to Rewrite link…

Give an example of a link, and how you want to rewrite it.

I want to write file a.php ->a.htm

  1. Change the action property from “a.php” to “a.html”.
  2. Use .htaccess file code:
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^a.html?$ a.php

Thanks You, Now, I write
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^a.html?$ a.php
RewriteRule ^try/([0-9]*) a.html?try=$1

I want to write: a.html?try=5 -> try/5
Link Try :
Help me !


You are asking for code like a “script kiddie.” Please try to LEARN what mod_rewrite is doing to actually understand the code (and be able to generate it yourself). If you have no place to start, try the tutorial article link in my signature, the basis for the sticky thread in this board.