Help learning CSS

I am looking for some help on learning css . The chat site I am a member of a site that has a css section. In the profile customize section. I have tryed useing some of the css generator’s and they would not work . Not sure if the site is not allowing the css not to work or it’s the code’s?. But I would like to add a background picture maybe some falling text or falling object’s. Just would like the profile to be different then just useing the profile tool’s that are there. I have tryed reading up on css and watching video’s. they tell me stuff like a css and html file and a text editor or notepad. I just need somesomebody that is will to work nice and easy and slow and walk me through it .
thank’s :drink:

If you haven’t been directed to do this yet, why not try to go through the tutorials at HTML Dog? Do them in order including the HTML lessons. They start at beginner and progress from there.

To add a background picture to an element, you can use the background-image property. As for learning CSS, one of the books that helped me out when I first started was Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML.

Sounds to me you want something animated in the background. If so you will need some JavaScript and or flash. CSS does not have any animation features.

I have a one question:

Does it matter how I order css code?

For example: do I need first write “text-align” or “margin”? Does it matter? The order?

Typically you would start your own new thread but. No that order does not matter. I usually like to put my positioning rules first then my little guys like text color etc after that.

sometimes the order does matter. If you are using a:hover, a:visited, a:active, and a:link you need to have those in the right order or the visited color may show up over the hover.