Help .. is my site live?

I have been building my site for some time. In dreamweaver i set it to testing and remote. All works well. If i was to search for my site, the top 3 browers find it but not IE. I have not made my site go live as of yet. Not been into host to upload pages to the net, so how come my site be on the internet.what is happing.

You may be viewing the site locally on your computer through your browser. If you haven’t uploaded files to your hosting server, than the site can’t be live online. If it was live online, you would see it at http://yourdomainname

Thanks for the reply, just checked on a mates pc and it is live, what do you think I must have done to make it live, has I said before , never gone to my host server and uploaded the file to the net. All I have done in dream-weaver is to set up the ftp info, for the host. And when I am in dream weaver, I have : local view ,then remote server then testing server, each one of these as the total contents of my site. so do you think because remote as all my site files in side it, That is making my site live.
if so do I need to delete all the files in side the remote server.

Yes, that’s the problem. You have (perhaps inadvertently) uploaded your whole site to the web. If you don’t want it online yet, delete the remote files, but perhaps at least put a placeholder index.html file in the root folder.