Help,help,Help me insert function to textarea

i have this function javascript [SIZE=3]

<script language=“javascript”>
function ham(){
document.BM.message.value+=“Happy New Year”

<form name=“BM”>
<textarea name=“message” id=“textarea” rows=“10” cols=“60” tabindex=“1”></textarea>

[/SIZE] I want to insert ham() to <textare …> like below picture

Help me!
Thanks everyone very much!

This should do the trick

function ham(){
    document.forms.BM.message.value += "Happy New Year";

window.onload = ham

I tried but this function don’t run. help help

Do you have a test page where i can see this?

Instead of value, try innerHTML.

You need to call the function. This works:

function ham() { document.BM.message.value=“Happy New Year”; }


OKies, Thanks you very much!!!