Help Coming up with a Solution to a Simple Problem

I’m comfortable building Rails apps but not as comfortable building plain Ruby apps/scripts from the command line. Not much experience with raw database work.

Hoping I can get some help on solving a problem an employer has given me.

Step 1

We have a contest landing page (wordpress & MailChimp) that collects user emails. If user enters email, they get 1 x ballot into a draw.

Step 2

User is sent a followup email asking them to upload a costume photo to facebook (using Woobox for the contest). If user uploads a photo, they get 1 extra ballot into the draw for each person who likes their photo

Step 3

If a user has uploaded a photo, they are sent an email with a affiliate link to the original landing page. The user will get 1 extra ballot into the draw for 20% of the “likes” that anyone they refer gets.

We’re trying to figure out the best way to track all the ballots and entries. How would you approach solving this problem? Where would you start?

Hello, is this still relevant? If so, I have a problem understanding what the actual problem is. Do you have some database with already existing data and he is asking you to do some calculations? Or you need to build the landing page, e-mail sending, upload tracking and what-not? :smile:

Hey! Thanks, I solved this issue by using some pretty simple excel logic. I just dumped the table data values into a .csv, then used formulas to do all the calculations.

thanks for following up

Ah, cool. Might have been a nice exercise. :slight_smile:

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