HELP! Big cartel edit! They want a slider!

They want a slider underneath the D&S Clothing, All, Tees, Tanks and they want something like this:

I just downloaded Wowslider to create the actual slider and thought it would be very simple to locate the areas for me to edit the actual layout but everything looks like gibberish to me. I haven’t done this in so long. Anyone have a clue or anything for me?

Hi brittshamone. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

“underneath the D&S Clothing” … What does that mean? It appears that there’s a nice slider on the page you linked to, so the problem is not clear.

Hi, ralph.m! (: Thank you!

They want an additional slider above the gray boxes with the light grey tiles for show, I guess. Just to display their merchandise.

They wanted something similar to the ugmonk site.

Does BigCartel give you access to the HTML and allow you to add in JavaScript, CSS etc? Can you show us a link to what you’ve done?

They give a link to add in CSS but I’ve done nothing yet because I wasn’t sure how or where I would add the slider.

Perhaps find out what you can do, because you need a lot more access than just CSS. Is the site you linked to a BigCartel site?

It looks like they do give some access to the design here, but I’m not convinced by what I’ve read that you can go as far as add in sliders, JS and so on.

Perhaps you should ask them directly if this is possible.

Right, right. See, I was thinking that when they first asked me about doing it. But I was thinking that it would have been very possible to do so. Ahh, is there anyway I can do a slider without Javascript?

Or with CSS alone?

Not really. This kind of thing requires JS. It’s not hard to do, as long as you have the necessary access. Looking at your first screen shot, it looks like you do have access to the HTML. But then the next question would be if you can add in JavaScript too, and store scripts in folders. That’s sound more like a long shot to me.

This just shows how long I’ve been under a rock with my web designing. Oh, goodness. LOL. How on Earth would I do that? Would it be from scratch? Is there an online generator, one I can download? I expect things to be so easy. O_O

Sorry, do what? I think I’ve lost track of where we are up to. :slight_smile: Do you mean set up a slider?

I’m sorry, lol. Yes. How would I set up a slider?

Usually the site that provides the slider will give instructions, or you can at least view the source code on their demo page. Normally it means doing the following:

  • preparing and uploading your images
  • setting up the HTML (normally a list of links to the images)
  • styling the list (the basic styles are usually provided, which you then modify to suit your design)
  • add in various JavaScript links: a link to a library like jQuery (if that’s what it runs on), and a link to an additional script that makes the slider work.

But really, all this is academic if you don’t have the necessary access to BigCartel’s backend.

Okay, I have a slider and the code.

Now, would I place somewhere in the CSS editing or under the layout editing?

The HTML code will need to go into the HTML—which is presumably the layout editing. But don’t just copy the whole lot. Just copy and paste the <ul> … </ul> bit to start with, and perhaps the div around it.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll need to include the <script> links … but the link paths will have to change to the location of the actual scripts (which we still haven’t determined you can actually place on this site).

The styles that go with that slider will have to go into the CSS area, but they will no doubt need to be modified.

When I just do it from <ul> … </ul> with the div around, it just showed the name of the image files and a link to the slider’s creator.

What I suggest is that you first set up the slider on a test page of your own—say on your own desktop. Try getting the original slider code set up on your own computer first… That will verif that you know how to get it working. So, start with the whole page you showed in your screen shot above, get the slider working—with the default JS links and styles—and then modify it until it’s the way you want it to look and work. Then transfer the bits you need to the cartel site.

PS: don’t forget to read through the instructions here:

I did all that. It works perfectly. Just not on the BigCartel site. Unless I’m doing it wrong.

In terms of the transfer, you just need to go through it bit by bit, carefully. The first thing I’d try is to find out if you can add a folder to the site with the JavaScript files. If not, that’s a deal breaker. (You could link to the jQuery library hosted on Google, so that’s covered, but as for the script that makes the lisder work, linking to a version of that hosted elsewhere is not really viable.)

What have you done in terms of the JavaScript at this stage?

I don’t think I can do any of that. They don’t have a place for folders. It’s either you change the layout with what the site offers, like background changes, text color changes, or change the CSS or HTML.

I’m afraid to even change anything because nothing seems to be working. Do you want a screenshot of everything?