Help bad!

I have had my ecommerce site for about three months now and nothing I have a nice looking website very easy to access search engines I am using wordpress with seo by yoast and woocommerce with a wootheme and have added social networks added my site to every site I can got in touch with forums I don’t know what to do I just need more traffick to my site I really want to post a link so someone can check it out and help me with these problems im having I use google analytics I have google + pinterest facebook twitter and literally researched and researched and I can not get traffic to my site for the life of me.What should I do!? it is an ecommerce site for e cigarettes I just want to get a buy my payment gateway is paypal which is not smart do to high risk tobacco pertaining products but I feel there is no point if I have no buyers to get a merchant account that accepts credit cards.Help me optimize my site Ill take any suggestions I just know that it has the potential I am just not doing something right.

Hi ShippWrecked E L. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

It takes a while for a site to climb up the rankings in the search engines, so you have to be a tad patient. Anyhow, you need to do a lot more to market yourself online than just wait for search engine traffic. Use social media to get the message out there, for example, and for a quick fix, try some Google advertising etc.

No I have… and I cant use google ads because my domain name has e liquid in it.I have tried.

Bigcommerce basically told me I should give up now if I have not got anything in a couple months but I have had like 400 page views and 58 visits and 23 visitors sooo… google analytics says.

You should look into buying advertising space on a website relating to your product. Some sort of anti-smoking or smoking cessation websites. If you can then perhaps your sales will increase. You need to have the right product, for the right people, at their time of need. Just being out there on the web and social media isn’t enough. You need to be where the people who want to quit and are willing to pay to quit are going to be. Cancer awareness, smoking cessation, heck even an online tobacco shop if you can. Many smokers want to stop and maybe they will jump on the wagon if they see your ad when they go to buy that bag of tobacco.

Just some thoughts, good luck.

The website must have the right visitors to convert possible conversion of sales in the online business and you need to target your audience according to your location for better search engine positioning and write an interesting content about e cigarette this will how you convince them to appreciate your product or services.