Hellos and Goodb, wait,---GoJs versus learning the hardway

I got an e-mail from you guys and was inspired to think of something to write…(your new site looks great and inspiring-and did actually read the guidelines believe it or not. But this is an exception then)…Coincidentally, I had gotten an e-mail from GoJs just before and that too looks great, but it’s one of those deals, it seems, where it’s not much learning on my end. I want to learn java and JSON and such, butI also want to build something noteworthy…is it totally out of the realm for a semi-novice (I’ve taken a data-struct class a long-time ago and loved VB by the way (VB5!))…but Javascript and languages in general it seems the best way to go about it is memorize the API - not all of it of course - but like some lawyerly type deal be able to refer to same “case” that is pertinent to your situation. I find it hard to learn knowing that it’s just a tiny piece of the whole picture. Any comments about gojs and is it totally unrealistic to create nodes on the fly that are linked and a person can dynamically put text in those blocks.
Thanks a lot…and hope you guys the best…and all of that stuff - ya know x-mass and the new year.

Hi abbynormative. Now that it’s the next morning, do you understand any of what you wrote last night? :stuck_out_tongue:

The question isn’t really clear, so if you are able to rephrase or elaborate a bit, you’re more likely to get an answer. :slight_smile:


I believe that he wants to learn JS and JSON while at the same time creating something useful and noteworthy.

-getting to the meat of the matter… I wanted to know if it was possible (yes, anything is possible) to recreate some of the functionality of GoJS on some level. It wouldn’t have to exactly match their schema. But I would like to be able to create nodes on the fly and have them linked to other nodes, which the user could input information in, etc. It seems unlikely to me since I haven’t yet felt comfortable with Javascript… the learning curve has been quite steep…and so even applying myself to the fullest may be a noble idea, but still not the way to go…I know Canvas is what is used and so if there is trig I’m already in trouble. Oh…since anything is possible by the way, you could randomly type out an answer! And perhaps I could get a “perfect” answer. And even better get everyone at SitePoint to randomly type out an answer to this very vague question…and that would increase the odds dramatically!

You may want to look at some tutorials first on creating canvas diagrams, such as this one here:

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