Height issue

hi, i got a site on which the background (white color) don’t expand till the bottom, it happens sometimes. should i use min-height or what?

The way you have your design layed out would suggest it doesn’t need to run the whole height of the page as you would just have a lot of open whitespace which is in my opinion a bad website design, simply just let the page end where it want’s that way you don’t have to mess around with setting heights and such for a website that doesn’t need them by default.

Hi, yes I agree with SgtLegend: let the content area find its natural height. Why make a user scroll down through empty space?

If you must have the page at least 100% tall, you could try the “sticky footer” method described here:

Or, if you just want a 100% height page, you could also look at this:

Sticky Footer is definitely the way to go. However I can’t see a page where the whitespace doesn’t cover your entire content anyway.
Am I missing something?

At the moment, there’s a long series of empty <p> elements pushing the content area down … but that’s not a viable solution, really.

Ah ok, I thought that might be the problem.
Mt statement of using a sticky footer still stands. Having the footer that far down using the <p> element isn’t, as ralph said, viable.
Having said that, due to the layout of theme you have used, whitespace is important and I don’t think you could have the footer any larger than it is now, therefore >sticky footer!<

Might I also suggest adjusting your footer widths/margins/padding to fit in all your footer content, as 1 of your categories has appeared to have jumped down out of place!