Header tag in my page wordpress

Created a new page. When I checked the page there was something I didn’t do. It is the header tag of the home page. I do not know how to do that. Any tips please?

This is my site: https://www.almawdue.com/

“Created a new page.” What kind was it? What theme did you use?

“When I checked the page” Did you check the page by visiting it in the browser or did you do something else?

“there was something I didn’t do.” What exactly was the something?

“It is the header tag of the home page.” Is this something you wanted to add? Is it something added that you did not want to add?

“I do not know how to do that.” What is it that you do not know how to do?

“Any tips please?” Yes, if you gave us more information, such as telling us what you expected and what you got instead, then we’ll be able to give you some tips. Right now, there is not enough information about the exact problem, so we can’t help you. All we can do now is tell you what we need from you so we can help you.

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