Having trouble with Wordpress / navigation links

Hi All,

I am building a Wordpress site (currently on XAMPP, so localhost) and am having what I think is an odd problem. I am pretty new to Wordpress and I did not make my navigation bar using a Wordpress menu. I did create the pages in Wordpress and assigned a page template. The name of the page in the Dashboard is Blog, the template is named blog page, and referenced the link as below:
<li><a href=“blog-page.php” title=“Blog” class=“”>Blog </a></li>
When I click on the link it does load a page that is all messed up and has a 404 error right in the middle of it. I have no idea where this is coming from. When I load the page directly the page displays perfectly. Further, if I replace the reference with the url of the page, it displays properly.
<li><a href=“http://localhost/wordpress/blog/” title=“Blog” class=“”>Blog </a></li>
This doesn’t seem right.

Any help sorting it out would be real helpful.



I’d do yourself a favour and create a menu using the built in wordpress menu. It is easy as anything and will save you trying to troubleshoot stuff like this.
Appearance>Menu. Add your pages or categories. Give the menu a name. Save. Assign the menu you just created in the Theme Locations panel. Done.