Having trouble centering menu in Wordpress

Warning, I am a bit of a CSS noob.

I am working on a Wordpress TwentyTen theme customization and can’t seem to center the menu properly. I have tried everything I can think of, and it just won’t move.

The site is http://ae.windridgewebdesign.com

Any ideas?

I am guessing it is something with float, position or display as those are 3 areas I don’t have much experience with.


You would need to give the ul a width that matches the sum of its elements and then use margin:auto to center it.


#access div.menu ul {
margin:0 auto;

The only other way without using an exact measurement would be to use display:inline-block on the list elements instead of floating and let text-align:center on the menu center it. However you’d need to hack for IE7 and under so best avoided if possible.

Thanks for that tool. It will be a huge help. However, I still can’t seem to figure out what is going on. If I take out the float left for the menu, everything centers, but then each page ends up on its own line underneath the previous one.

Hi. I have the Web Developer Firefox Extension installed, and when I go to Display Block Size I get what’s shown in the image below. I’m no CSS expert at all but I’m guessing that for some reason the text is remaining left aligned within the block that surrounds it. This is probably down to either inheritance or overwriting of styles.

Hope that helps.