Having problem in slect opton

Hi, I am having problem using select option, how do i make datepicker work in the select option ?


That’s not a very well formed question jemz! :wink:

I assume you are using jQuery, and I assume you are using a plugin, which has a method datepicker();

if that is the case, what exactly are you trying to select? If you have an element on your page with the id selectoption, then this should work:


if its class is selectoption, then this should do the trick:


if you want to select all select tags, you want this:


Perhaps you could include the HTML so I have a least a chance to try and understand what you are trying to achieve.


hi, that id is in my <select></select> it will not work using select,have you tried using select with datepicker?

In your original post you put:


Are you sure on the spelling of your id? Surely ‘selectoption’ rather than ‘selctoption’ (missing e). And to select an id with jQuery, you need to add a # sign at the start (like a css selector):


Please post your HTML. That way I can be more help to you.

sorry, yes i put # i tried using textfield and i have no problem,but only tag <select> is my problem in datepicker.

I’m not sure the datepicker plugin works with <select> tags.

Can’t really help much because you HAVEN’T POSTED YOUR HTML! OR YOUR JAVASCRIPT!