Have you tried Google's New "Really Advanced Search"


I am really impressed :slight_smile:

Using the “Really Advanced Search” led me to:


I haven’t found a really good one this year … not yet, anyhow. :slight_smile:

havent really tried it yet but it sure is useful to look for those hard to find MP3’s i’ve been looking for.

That is one advanced search option! Time to play around with it.

No I haven’t used the Google Advanced search ,but I need to check the features of it. I have listened that the Google’s Advanced search is much effective!!

I tried Google’s advanced search. Much better than the regular Google search. You should try it, too. :slight_smile:

tens minutes later and i hit the advanced search button . LOL

i didn’t find advanced search very useful. But sometimes it can really help.

i have been using it earlier as well and its not much different from before…

:lol: at @tomthebiggie; and @123faheemk; posts. Really guys? Have you read the thread? Do you even know what Googles “advanced search” is?

It’s an april fools joke. One of many Google produced for the day.

:lol: Let’s all spam post w/out looking into the stuff!

A good joke, to be sure. I actually did it :frowning:

Multitask mode seems pretty sweet too.