Have you let a domain name expire then regret it?

Have you ever let a domain name expire and then regret it later? I did! I once had the domain name FreebiesOnly.com but I didn’t see any use for anymore so I let it expire. Now someone else have it. I still regret my decision. Now and then I do check to see if it’s available but without any luck. It was one of the first domain names that I bought and so it has a little sentimental value. Has did ever happened to you?

Only by accident. As a matter of principle I’ve renewed every domain I ever bought, apart from those that were mistakes - typos. The few that I did let drop accidentally were registered at joker.com and their renewal emails weren’t getting through. I’d consolidated most of my domains at Enom by that stage. One of the ones I lost was phpdevelopers.org and the other was a variation on my own name with a hyphen, but as I’ve got the .com/.org and .co.uk of my name without a hyphen it was no great loss. The fear of losing a domain accidentally is why I run Domain Punch Professional. I’ve got over a thousand, so managing them is a bit of a chore.

Sort of. My very first domain name consisted of four words, rather a tad too long.

So, I let it go. What I didn’t realize is someone would register it because it originally gained some linkjuice or something by my posting it as a sigfile in some forums I frequent.

My so-called worse feeling is preaching about staying on top of your domain name renewals…only to overlook one of my own that literally dropped. Fortunately it’s still available until now, and I doubt anyone would be interested since it involves building a family tree. (unless of my own relatives would be keen someday…)

I definitely have before but now I get reminders to re-register or renew the domains.
I actually pay for the domains 2-3 years at a time so I avoid this decision of keeping the domain or not.

I always keep 'em… I mean, I’ve only got a few, but being sentimental and having personal meaning, I keep it… I even keep the old site on it, just to look at it once in a while haha

My general feeling is, I bought it I’m keeping it. My only exception has been selling them.

I also have same kind of stories.some times some of the valued domains got expired with out un noticed or failed to auto renewal credit card payments.
For this now i am prefilling my account balance and making the important domains auto renewaled through credit balance.

Yes, I have let a domain expire and afterwards regret it. However, that was done by mistake, as I was not able to check my email for a quite long period to see that it’s going to expire. Someone else bought it a couple of days after this happened.

Anyway, it’s always good to use the auto-renew feature enabled for your important domains.