Have you ever been attacked in forums?

I have to say that i have been attacked a lot of times in various forums. The only reason is that they have a lot of resentment on china and its products. They talked about pirating design, floating currency and so on.

Wow @lonking; I’m sorry to hear that. Do you mean that you are posting about your products and people take issue with that, or that you post on forums (like this) about unrelated subjects and are attacked?

Some say i was pimping my products, and i was a lousy one. But i only said something about my company and products and people were all talking about their products. They said something very bad about chinese products, such as cheap junks. It really made me very angry.

Can you show us a picture to confirm what you said is right? Sometimes i make a distinction between bad man and good man. You can’t judge all Chinese products are junks when you encounter some bad product unfortunately. You can say some Chinese products, but can not say Chinese product. This is very important to other people who is don’t really know about China. Every country have Shortage of place themselves. Such as USA, Japan, and more. But we cannot attack the country from each other in the forum. Caz i know, Chinese are very friendly and industrious. They like to help the other country building or anything else, such as Africa.

Maybe HAWK is right. “Do you mean that you are posting about your products and people take issue with that, or that you post on forums (like this) about unrelated subjects and are attacked?” The method of you to attack a forum is to create a unrelated subject and make the people attacked by each other. But i hope this is not true, caz i want to what we are post is benifit for the other people.

I was attacked from my airsoft forum once when i merely suggested a new strategy in managing a tournament. i never used harsh words or demeaning sentences all i wrote were suggestions and a moderator banned me without stating any reason at all. I never did anything wrong and i never offended anyone all i did was post some suggestions. And this not only happened to me various other comrades from different cities nationwide were banned and no reason was stated. other that they merely commented on some posts or they were simply looking around for tournaments to join in. Have to ask, are these kinds of moderators/admins on a power trip or something?

You’re all victims of ‘internet bravado’. People behave in ways online that they wouldn’t necessarily do IRL because they have anonymity. The only advice I can give is to be true to yourself and walk away without saying anything you’ll regret. Be the bigger person and remember that the internet is forever. As an aside, please don’t pimp your products here - it’s against our rules. :slight_smile:

Fanatics are always like that, just say something that goes against their beliefs and watch the fireworks.

What an interesting thing to say considering that it’s not so easy to find a product that doesn’t have a “made in China” tag on it in stores. You can always make that counter-argument.

And yet, here in the US, we only import 20% of our products from China.


Depends on the kind of products, things like food or energy of course won’t be imported from China. I don’t know the numbers but I bet in things like electronics it’s a much higher percentage. The fact that it’s 20% of ALL import speaks volumes, in consumer goods it must be really high.

I couldn’t find the recent numbers quickly, but here they are from 2005:

Toys 81%
Footwear 52
TV and video receivers 46
Consumer electronics 44
Furniture 34
Household and kitchen appliances 30
Fish and shellfish 15
Apparel 10

Considering it’s been growing over the past years these may be quite larger. Interesting how “only” becomes over 80% in some cases.

There are a number of reasons why people ‘trash’ Chinese (and others) products and manufacturers.
1)Politicians looking to shift the blame for their policy failures onto others (not just China). They point to how much pollution China produce, conveniently forgetting that this is because China is doing all the dirty manufacturing work that we dont want. This sort of stuff appeals to some of the less-savvy members of the electorate
2)Local media see it as easy/lazy headlines. There is a huge amount of hypocracy here, in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics much of the UK media (esp. the BBC) ran articles criticising how China was relocating people & businesses to build the Olympic Park yet have done nothing like this with regards to the same happening in Stratford, East London
3)We, the consumers, dont want to pay high prices and the Western retailers want big profit margins. The only way to get this balance is to squeeze the manufacturers in Asia/Brazil etc for the cheapest possible price and as a consequence of this quality oftens suffers.
4)Jealousy - Much of the western manufacturing base has been outsourced to Asia/Brazil etc and their economies are growing at a time when ours are declining. The Old Guard dont like it, they want to be number 1.
5)People have short memories and rose-tinted glasses. Remember how unreliable British manufacturers where in the 1970’s? British Leyland ‘Friday’ cars were a standard joke. Delorean cars may have looked great but where totally impractical (how do you get out of those in a tight car-park) and cost the British taxpayer millions. I worked in the ironmongery industry where it was not unheard of for one of our biggest names (Yale Locks) to take up to 6 months to supply keyhole escutcheons and where you could expect to have to throw away 10% of most lockcases because of product defects.

Yes, some person who didn’t agree with my opinion. It went too far. Maybe some people need to know forum etiquettes before they join in.

Yes the best move is to simply walk away from it. There are other forums out there where you can meet a lot of people that thread with respect towards their fellow members. just like this forum. :slight_smile:

They are empty attacks though. What can someone do besides try to hurt your feelings.

Some people dont have the basic forum etiquette, and they dont realize this and this why they get banned. Just watch you say, and respect others point of view, become the bigger person.

Cool, the words you said is the point. And i agree with your opinion. Most of people didn’t have basic forum etiquette. And they don’t really understand the forum rules. Most of forums maybe have different rules. Some are rigorous and some are not very strict.

But the forum are all have its rules. This is a basic of one forum should still avlied. If one forum lose this, That should be meaningless for people. But sometimes, i think most of forum should give the chance to check the people who really banned and who are not. Cauz this is very important for a newbie to come a new forum to learn. They are eager for learn and they want validation.

ehm… but I want to say ( I hope not ) I think it’s race reason … maybe !!!

If it is me ,I also will attack you.You can’t say the products in China are rubbish .There are some good or bad things in every countries and also you will meet many problems in business.How can you say it is just China that is not good etc.

i think you are misunderstanding, I am a chinese, of course, i would defend products made in china. i was angry because people in other forums said chinese products are cheap junks.
i was attacked in the forum also because i promoted chinese machinery. It seemed that they had a lof of resentment to chinese.
Maybe it is because of the exaggeration of some public press.

You need to see this from another perspective, though. In my country at least (Australia), our markets have been flooded by Chinese products, most of which are very cheap and fall apart very quickly. So the perception is that Chinese products are junk. You can’t help that, really. People are also negative because those who make better products have gone out of business because the cheap alternatives win out most of the time. Then we have no choice but to live with the cheap stuff that falls apart, so we only have ourselves to blame.

So, if you are producing a quality product from China, you will have to do a lot of work to convince people that it’s not junk. I truly feel sorry for you, but that’s your curse, I’m afraid. It’s not your fault, but a reality you have to accept.

Of course. This is something that is, I think, is natural on any community boards. This usually happens when they strongly disagree with my point and they really really want to emphasize the validity of their own point of view.