Have you checked out Google's Web Designer yet?

Google have released their new Web Designer in beta. It’s purpose is to (in their words) ‘create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device’. Has anyone had a chance to check it out yet? Initial thoughts?


It looks interesting, but the web site is typically frustrating. You are invited to download something, but without much indication of what you are downloading. How big is the file? How does this tool work? Like DreamWeaver, where you FTP things to a server, or …? It really bugs me when things like this are not make clear. :frowning:

EDIT: There is a tiny link at the bottom of the page, but that should be front and center (in the main menu) IMHO.

The install is a very rough ride.

I installed it on my PC and everything slowed right down for about 5 min and my antivirus was turned off and on about 3 times!

The download was quite slow as well.

I tried it myself, and the download was fast for me, and the app works really smoothly and quickly for me on a Mac. It certainly looks nice, but doesn’t have much use for me at this stage. Looks like it can do some cool stuff, but I shy away from WYSIWYG stuff. It looks like a nice code editor, but again, I’m already happy with what I have.