Has anyone had any luck using PHP to integration the Shutterstock API?

I’m having to use CURL to get the Authentication for the shutter API but all their documentation seems to written in the SSH window code which doesn’t help me when I’m actually trying to integration it into my page. I can’t get either the basic authentication or the Oauth to work with PHP and CURL code. Has anyone integration their API successfully with PHP onto a website?

Did you have a look at the PHP Client SDK?

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In particular, https://github.com/shutterstock/api/blob/master/examples/php-curl/v2.php is both PHP and performs a simple OAuth flow.

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I followed the example and it works but, why 2 steps? nobody clicks on a button to ‘get token’ and then another one to search. How do you link the thumbnails to shutterstock? How do you link to your affiliate?

I didn’t find a real practical example for shutterstock api.

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