Has anyone ever tried to monetize social media?

Hey y’all

I was wondering - have you ever tried to monetize social media? looking to make a few extra bucks but I wasnt sure how to start


I haven’t yet… its not that risky…

If it isn’t risky, what is holding you back from getting started? :slight_smile:

It is hard to make a direct income from social media alone. If you are seeking for such a path, you will end up like one of the many millions of spammers out there who are blasting their affiliate links all over the place, making very little money (pennies) and making users of any social media service hate them.

Are you willing to consider other ways to earn that extra pocket money? Blogging, creating a helpful website, freelancing and selling digital products are some of the ways that people use to make money online.

Which of these are you interested in? Think about it and come back with a better question so other members from this forum can lend you a helping hand.

As far as I know they have monetized me thanks to my stupidity. I paid for Facebook ads which did not pay back, I am afraid.

Yes indeed social Media can serve as a platform for monetizing purpose. The basic of monetizing relies on how we can use the social media for reaching the maximum audience & marking your presence. Monetizing of social media involve creating your market presence either through organic or paid campaign.Once you establish your personal presence or business presence across a wide range of audience with many followers,likes and sharing on your profile. Then you can quote for your price from other to popularize their sharing ,show case their post on your time line, on your posting etc.

The question was if you have tried… your answer is pretty generic. Ok, have you tried what you have just said and if yes have you succeeded or not?

I created a website and i tried to get traffic from social media but i am not succeeded uptill now. Its really a tough job.

I do it (in my job). We sell promoted tweets and Facebook posts occasionally, but you have to have a large following to make it work. Otherwise people won’t bother paying you.

So basically this confirms my theory that social media does not work for small businesses, however if you have some friends on social media who are interested in something you do then occasionally you will get some response from social media marketing. But only occasionally and from people you also know in real life.

You have to have something that people really want. I have seen people trying to sell things like electronics, shoes and all type of every day stuff. You can’t monetize on Facebook selling those. too much competition

So what exactly would you try to sell on Social Media to make money? Phones, Computers, Houses, Cars? There are many vendors who provide those products already and why would people be interested to buy from your profile? They would think it’s SPAM.

The best weapon against competition is innovation. I do not know right of the back any physical goods/services that you can sell, but you can use some online tools to measure competition and profitability of any product you envisage to resell.

One thing I have seen working is the monetization of a good niche with a Facebook business page. For example, you can decide to create a business page that discusses Marriage and Relationships, learn more about the topic so that your audience knows that you know what you are talking about.
You can then start any subtopic and add a clickbank affiliate link that develops the topic.

Every time you start a topic, if you have some money, you can use facebook advertisement service to promote it.

You should look into that because it works.

Yes many facebook page owner is monetising their facebook pages by giving their facebook page on lease. Like they charge fix amount monthly and will post daily n numbers of links of buyers.

Suitable if you are in entertainment niche, but do not forget that post with links are not circulated to many people (Facebook own way to stop spamming)

Monetizing of social media is pretty difficult unless you have established yourself on to the social media platform. With the social media gaining more & more acceptance from a wide range of audience now a days over the online. people love to share the content through it & most of it are available for free.
The forum site members who have posted that they did have utilize the social media for monetizing should provide an adequate links or any proven record to share.

Here is an easy and effective way to Monetize Your Social Media Marketing. With the “SharedBy toolbar” you can track not only how many clicks your links received, but also who clicked them and how engaged they were.

I don’t know the exact figures, but a friend is engaged in acquiring fans on fan pages, which then sells. Fanpages during the sales has got tens of thousands of fans. A selling price of such fanpage is about 1 - 3k $. Oh and I’m talking here about the european non-english market.

The selling of fan pages is against Facebook’s TOS, according to this post, in which case it’s not a practice we would encourage.

It depends a little on how you define monetization. If you are looking to make a quick buck by simply spamming anyone that likes or becomes a fan of your page, it will not work, since the majority of people with hit “hide all posts.” This is exactly what I do as a potential customer on social media sites. If I sense spamming, it’s gone in an instant, no guilt. If you have a great product or service & want to use social media in a way that is respectful to your fans to let them know about upcoming deals/offers/improvements, it will most likely have monetary benefit, especially if you try to direct them to a squeeze page & to your site. The old & less popular marketing strategies still work…great product, great communication, wide reach will usually benefit you in the end.

Oh, thanks for link, I haven’t known about it, I just saw that people try to sell some fanpages with lot of fans, on virtual auction houses.

I’ve been advertising on Facebook for a while now and I can tell you it is an excellent traffic source just like many others out there. The secret sauce lies in tracking, testing and innovating for your campaigns.

One thing I can mention however is that direct sales/selling from Facebook ads will usually not work.

I’d say I am pretty good at developing profitable campaigns (lead gens) quickly but direct selling is like a completely different level and I’ve never met anyone that’s doing it and making tons of money (profit) from it.

The main reason is because taking someone from a “interacting with friends” mindset to a “taking my credit card out and buying something” mindset isn’t the easiest thing.