Has anyone checked out Blisk yet?

I have been running this browser specifically while working on learning web dev for the last day or so. Honestly it serves its function and helps out a bit with prototyping for mobile web as it includes the ability to see what your page / app will look like on both desktop and mobile from phones to tablets in a nice side by side view. I like that. Granted to some its just a re-skinned more convenient version of chrome bringing the dev tools to the forefront but I think over time it could be useful considering its in beta now and its got some nifty features.

To me at least it makes a nice companion to atom.
Take a look if you have not: Blisk

Gonna give it a try :wink: thanks for the info.

I had a look at Blisk. As you say, the mobile view beside the desktop view is useful, especially as you can choose from a number mobile emulations. The basic operation is Chrome, even to the point where asking for help takes you to the Chrome help page.

Over all its a nice little browser. But you are right its pretty much re-skinned chrome. :stuck_out_tongue:

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