Happy HAWK day 2012

After the amazing HAWK day 2011 I wish you all a happy HAWK day 2012.

May it be a day filled with doing nothing, drinking Tequilla en eating Nachos!

Here’s to @HAWK; :drink:

Happy HAWK day!
I’ll pass on the tequila however, had enough of that yesterday.
That does mean - of course - that there’s more tequila for HAWK. Sup up :slight_smile:

Three cheers for @HAWK; :drinky::drinky::drinky:

@HAWK; We love you !!!

Most illustrious @HAWK - I shall toast you in coffee and herbal tea, 'cos I’m teetotal. :coffee: (Just as well, really - there are so many distilleries round here you can get sozzled just breathing. :lol: )

In your honour, I shall do nothing, to the very best of my ability. :slight_smile:

I tried that once; doing nothing.
The problem is I couldn’t tell when I was finished!

I am not tagging you Sarah because I think you’ll have figured-out about this anyway and that means a day of slacking for me. :smiley:

“I was going to do something today but I just remembered I wasn’t finished doing nothing yesterday.” ~ Unknown

That’s all right - she’ll take your share :smiley:

Happy HAWK day! Try to remember this one :rofl:

“You can do nothing all day - as long as you start first thing in the morning.” ~ A T-shirt I once saw.

Now you tell me… the day is almost over…


Have a nice HAWK day, HAWK!

Just realizes HAWK day is a weekend - she might survive/be back by Monday :smiley:

Now I really really want Nachos.

How the hell did I miss HAWK day? That’s right. It was Saturday and I was on the tequila.

Thanks all - love ya.

Late to this party, not even sure when the @Hawk day was, but don’t really care, you rock Hawk!


Awesome, gratz on having your own day. :smiley:

My wife also has her own day, I even had a banner made :stuck_out_tongue: