Happy Birthday, Sega!

Happy Birthday, Sega - hope it’s a good one. :bday:

Happy Birthday @Sega ;
Hope you have a great day :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, Sega! :hbday:

Dare I ask which one it is? :x

Happy Birthday Sega. Wish your wonderful life with lots of success.

Many many happy returns of the day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I have made late.But my god bless you.

I know I’m late but happy belated birthday nevertheless

I hope that you had a great time @Sega;

Happy birthday & sorry to late wish. Hope you will enjoy a lot.

Happy Buttday, Sega! :smiley: Have a good one!

What’s a Buttday? :shifty:

Many many happy return of the day…Happy Bday…

Wow, so many people wished my happy birthday and I thought nobody cared. Wow, this is awesome. I turned 30! So yeap, I am kinda’ve old now. Still single, still working on and off and still coding when I can.

Thanks guys for all your wishes.

At 30? :eek: No way - at 30, you’re still a mere spring chicken. I know, because I’m not old (not even kinda’ve old ;)) and I’m … er … over 30. :smiley:

Happy birthday to you Sega, and many happy returns of the day and many many more …