Happy Birthday guido2004

Happy Birthday @guido2004! :bday::Partydude:

(@molona usually notices these auspicious occasions, but in her absence, I thought I’d step into the breach.)

Awesome! Have a great day Guido!

Guido Rocks! :cool:

Thanks :slight_smile:

What are you doing on Sitepoint on your birthday?! I bet there are a hundred other things you should be doing to treat yourself (or let friends/family treat you) as special !!

I wish you a great day and a[nother] terrific year. We are not getting older; only more experienced.

:musicman: Many happy returns Guido! :hbday:

Happy B-day Guido, my hope it is as good as your best childhood B-day.


He was here because he is so devoted to the SPF Community Team the team that works non-stop and rocks the most (and knows how to party!) :weee:

Happy Birthday Guido! Go rock the party! :Partyguy:

Happy belated birthday, Guido. I’m sorry that I’m late but I have an excuse… I don’t have a proper internet connection yet. I hope that you had a great time. Ah, if you get another Ferrari, please, send it to me. I already broke the one I took the last time :shifty:

yeah yeah yeah… :lol:

No ferrari’s, but it was a good day nevertheless.
Thanks to all of you for your best wishes.

Happy birthday, Guido!