Hai guys need help

hai guys just open up this link in chrome or mozilla

In IE its working but not in chrome or mozilla


need help.
don’t know what to do?

thanks in advance

Off Topic:

My eyes!

If you don’t want to post your code because it’s not relevant, then why did you post this question in the PHP forum?

there is nothing in code except captcha validation

Can you post the code?

that’s the problem. In ie its working.
is it server problem

Welcome to the SP forums.

What does ‘not work’ mean?
And I clicked on that link, and it shows me a HTML code page without any PHP.

It looks like the page is being served as text/plain when it should be text/html

If that’s all the code, then you’re right. It doesn’t seem it has anything to do with it. But who knows, I might be wrong :slight_smile:
Let’s see what the others have to say.

And please, next time put some code tags around the code. It makes for an easier read. :slight_smile:

ok my apology