Ha-Ha! Free IE9 Testing on Windows XP

https://browserling.com/ Looking now on my iPad. Seemed to work well. Work for you? You can test dynamic features. Not just an image like browser shots. Free version is limited to 3 min. But you can just refresh and start again if necessary.

Sounds interesting Eric - I’ll have to have a look when I get some free time :slight_smile:

I gave it a quick test. If you have any significant javascript running on the website you want to test, forget it. It doesn’t have much processing power available. Interesting concept, though.

Hey it’s free. I have jquery and five other scrips on my page and it seems to load fine. There is also this handy site https://spoon.net/Browsers. Just like the above mentioned you can test in all. This one actually seems to appear to run natively on your computer (hard to tell on my iPad) and you can run any browser without having to install. Unfortunately you still can’t run ie9 on XP though. Maybe I’ll finally have to break down and attempt to tackle the 28 steps to setting up VirtualBox.