h1 h2 and h3 problems

hye there.
can anyone help me.
this is my blog:
i make some change to my code that i want h3 become h1.
it become smooth but…
but seen that h2 not in right position when i make a post.

h1: my post title (that what i want)
h2: it goes to side bar(how i want to change to my post content?)
h3: my blog title(it okey right?)

i want to upload pic but cant because new member.
im from malaysia

(sory if i use wrong word, my english is bad :smile: )
my blog : <snip/>

EDIT - Link Removed
InfectionJS:Clickjack-CX [Trj]

Looks like your link was removed, can you provide your actual HTML/CSS or any way to see what’s actually going on?



thanks :smile:

Please note that the link was removed from the first post by a moderator because the site was triggering a warning from their anti-virus. I’m not in a postion to check just now, but anybody visiting does so at their own risk.

Mcaffee also flags a warning so I’m not willing to visit either.

McAfee®, Inc.
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Warning: Suspicious Site
Are you sure you want to go there?
http://www.teaoais.com/ may be risky to visit.
Why were you redirected to this page?
When we visited this site, we found it exhibited one or more risky behaviors.

Please explain


mybe i use auto like fb on my post. gosgg… i already forgot where i put it… need time to check one by one my post… :frowning: :cry:

can anyone teach me easy way to find that efection code on my post… ?

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