H1 content vanishes when CSS is applied

Hi from 28 degrees C mediterranean York UK :slight_smile:

On this page:

I wanted the H1 tag to be styled as so:

.post h1 {

But the h1 tag content disappears as soon as styling is applied to:

<h1>Modal Verbs For A Dinner Date</h1>

Sooo confused :frowning:

It’s hiding behind the image…

@media (min-width: 1200px)
.margin-negative-2 {
    margin-top: -168px;
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Hey thank you so much for spotting that, if anyone knows how i could get a h1 to show in this situation I’d be v happy :slight_smile:

Don’t put the negative margin on the photo?

Ive not coded this my self, i paid for a template so i get my self in knots from time to time, perhaps I’ll just style the photos so they dont get styles by other bits of code :slight_smile:

Thank you for spotting this, just removed the code and it works as i want :slight_smile:


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