Guide to HTML Email Signatures?

Does anyone know of a simple guide to creating and adding HTML email signatures?

Got everything up and running for my site but just want to add an email signature to my info address and the personal addresses?

I use Host Gator for all of my email and hosting if that helps anyone?

Thanks very much to the gods of web dev who answer this question, been bugging me for a few days. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

This will depend on the program you use to send and receive email.
Does this help at all:

So does this mean I wouldn’t be able to have a unified email signature that looks identical on my replies across iPhone, Outlook and Webmail?

AFAIK, email signatures are specific to the program you use to send the email.
E.g. if I set up a signature for my Gmail account which appears every time I send mail using the Gmail web interface, the same signature won’t appear if I use Thunderbird to send messages from the same Gmail account.
I would have to set it up once for Gmail and once for Thunderbird.

What you can certainly do is set three signatures, one for each of the cases you list. This will work.
However, I’m not a HostGator customer, so it might be worth contacting their support, just to find out for sure if a unified signature is possible.

That’s great. Thanks very much for that. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.
Does that make me a “god of web dev”?