Guest Blog Posting and Uses

I am having one Gadget Blog. Can someone tell me whether what all are the benefits of guest blog posting ?
If I enable guest blog posting, is there any use of that ?

If you decide to enable guest posting on your blog(s) make sure that all new comments get sent to the moderation queue so that you can weed out any spam or comments that are too far off topic or dodgy

Guest blogging is the best way to increase traffic in website. And other side external blog posting in good way to running the blogs…

The guest blogging is now a common technique beneficial for both the owner of the blog and the guest bloggers as the owner get useful and relevant content while the guest blooger get links and more explosion in the market.

The main benefit is you can build a good relationship with the other authors related to your field. For any business, relationship building opens you the door for many opportunities.

more explosion?? ok I assume you meant to say “more exposure”. And yes along with other benefits, getting “Timely” Quality niche content is the KEY here by enabling Guest Blogging.

Yes. But do accept quality and informative content only. Give link in author bio and make sure the website has got some reputation whom you are linking to and it is related to your niche.

Google like fresh content and when you start posting fresh content than Google will like you too.